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Your table is set, is your wall? Save 10% off this Thanksgiving.

Since you've been good to us this year, we want to help you with making this Thanksgiving the best ever! Between November 4th - 24th 2016, use coupon code gobble to receive 10% off your purchase of a wall cladding product. *10% off total purchase price. Discount only applies to AS-IS BRAND Wood Walls, Hourwall, and Wall Flats. Discount does not apply to samples. Any orders with a trade discount applied do not qualify for this promotion. This promotion can not be used with any other offers.


DIY Rustic Wood Home Office Makeover

The look of a warm, rustic wood wall is so appealing. It makes anyone want to spend more time in a room sipping hot chocolate or cozying up with a blanket. Our team at Mod-ified.com discovered AS-IS BRAND Wood Wall planks and they have quickly become one of our favorite wall cladding materials. These wood wall planks look amazing, but they are also easy to install. Here is just how easy it is! Step 1:Since AS-IS BRAND Wood Walls are glued or nailed to the wall, little prep is needed. Just...


Wine, wine, a wonderful drink.

Yes, that's right. We have nice wine racks. With three brands to choose from there is surely a rack that is right for you. If you are looking for a rack that gives you the presentation feature of wine labels facing out, then VintageView Racks are the right fit for you. Choose from single bottle to triple bottle rows in the VintageView wall-mounted wine rack series or choose Vino Styx to mount your bottles anywhere on your wall. For a truly unique wine storage option, the Blomus CIOSO Wine Rack holds your bottles by a bottleneck clamping system. This is...


Your Pillars Should Fit Your Home

Pillars have a discreet way of adding an extraordinary and grand look to your house. These simple columns, if located at just the right spot of your home, might change the entire look of your house. Besides having visual appeal, pillars act as a support for your roof and all of the structures overhead, transmitting the load down to the floor. They act as a balancing structure besides having an aesthetic value. Pillars have always been a source of great function as well as a luxurious look at all times and eras. Moreover, in today’s modern...


Like wood furnishing, but don't like the mess it creates?

If you are planning to go for an exotic and classic look then wood is the best option that’s available out there. But, it comes attached with certain drawbacks that most people aren’t aware of. Apart from being excessively costly, wood furnishing can also lead to a very messy experience with home décor. That is, the installation requires you to have professionals who are well equipped. Add to that, the extra amount of care and precaution you have to maintain to keep your expensive wood furnishing looking new and pristine can be bothersome. But you don’t...


4 Decorating Ideas For Boring Walls

After many years of staying in the same living space, the same old design can become dry and monotonous. In times like these, a little make over can really help make your house feel fresh and new. There’s no time like the present to get you out of a decorating rut. And there’s nothing worse than dealing with boring white walls. So do you want to add some bright colors and modern design on the walls to jazz up your living space? In this article we have collected the top 4 most popular and creative DIY...


Simple Refreshing Tips For Bathroom

Bathrooms are generally small and relatively easy to modify and make changes to. With small spaces like bathrooms, even simple changes can help you create a totally different look. So let's take a look at some simple tips that will totally refresh your bathroom. Electrical FixturesUpdating your electrical fixtures can help give your bathroom a different look. Not only will new fixtures add a design element to your bathroom, they can also improve functionality. Keep in mind that the finish of all the fixtures are the same so that you don’t end...


How to Install Stone Facing

This post will explain how to install do-it-yourself stone facing, which is a popular alternative to real brick and stone, which requires brick ledges. In earlier manufacturing days, artificial stone literally did look artificial and was quite unattractive. But the new generation of faux artificial stone is nearly impossible to distinguish from real stone. It’s made up of conventional cement with lightweight pumice-like filters that are easy to cut. So let’s get to installing a stone face on the exterior of your house. First you need the right tools. Hammer Measuring tape...


Home Decor for your Kid’s Room

source: ghoofie.com  When planning to give your kid’s room a makeover, you have to think like one. These rooms have to be inspired in different ways. They have to look cheerful and fun, yet well-organized. Choose a theme Before starting with your kid’s room décor, put a theme in place that you would like the room to have. You can get an idea of the theme by talking to your child, and understanding what his likes and dislikes are. As a parent, you already must...


Giving Yourself The Dream Home Décor

Giving your home a makeover can be an enthralling thought, but how should you go about it? This is a question that needs to be answered by every person that plans on giving his/her home a décor treatment. So, let's delve in a little to understand what it really takes to give your home a great makeover. Perspective Matters Home décor offers exciting opportunities and everyone should embrace the excitement. Don’t view it as a challenge or a chore because when you start doing that you take away the fun. Also, it is...



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