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May 29, 2014 by Greg Carter.  Found on Reclaimed Wood Blog

Recently in the shop l found myself looking at some great, short pieces of reclaimed barn wood, wondering what they could become. I also had some corrugated metal roofing lying around, so decided to combine the two and see what I could come up with. I had seen a cow made out of corrugated roofing material at a trade show a couple of months ago, and that ended up being my inspiration.

I started by gluing two pieces of wood together to get a board wide enough for the shape. Then I made a paper template of the face of the cow, cut it out and traced it onto the roofing using a sharpie. I pulled out my trusty jigsaw, put in the metal blade, strapped on the hearing protection and eyewear and got busy cutting out cow faces and the ears.

I made myself a grouping of three cow faces and then made a wire loop to hang them from using some old pieces of rusty cable. Not including the time for the glue to dry, the entire project only took about three hours.

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