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Stacked Stone Calculator

ERROR: The total wall size is smaller then the excluded area

Wall size(s):
Height and width of the space you're covering.

Width (inches):
Height (inches):

Area to exclude:
Any area that needs to be subtracted from square footage (e.g. window / doors)

Width (inches):
Height (inches):

Total Linear Measurment Corners ? Measure the total edge of your wall

Stone Finish Caulking ? Recommend 1 caulking for every 100 sq. ft.

Paint kit ? Recommend 1 paint kit for every 100 sq. ft.

Ledge Trim ? 1pc for every 46” on top/finish row

Edge Trim ? 1pc for every 46” on side/finish row

Starter Strip ? 1pc for every 48” on bottom/starter row

Fixture Trim ? Trim for wall lights / sconce

Electrical Trim ? Trim for lights switch or plug

Project Summary

0 Panels
0 Corners
(0 right and 0 left corner panels)
0 Ledge Trim pieces
0 Edge Trim pieces
0 Starter Strip pieces
1 Stone Finish Caulking
1 Paint Kit
1 Stagger Stencil
0 Fixture Trim
0 Electrical Trim



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