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Quality Stone Premium Faux Stone Pillar Panels

About Pillar Panels

Quality Stone pillar panels are available in all profiles and colors of Quality Stone. They are a quick and easy way to add stone to pillars. Simply screw through these panels, which interlock with one another to hide any visible seams. Use Quality Stone caulking to cover the screw heads and instantly your project is complete.

Quality Stone pillar panels are available in 3 different sizes and are all 48” tall. When covering a pillar taller than 48” simply stack another row of panels on top. Quality Stone Pillar panels can be trimmed out using pillar caps or Quality Stone ledge trim.

Why Quality Stone Pillar Panels?

1: Staggered edges eliminate vertical seams
2: Fast & easy DIY project, done in 20 minutes
3: Use a Pillar Cap or Ledge Trim for a finished top
4: Lightweight, highly durable, realistic stone pillar option
5: Finger-lock system for easy install of 4 interlocking panels

Installation Note

Each pillar panel only covers one side of the pillar. Four pillar panels are needed to cover a single 4' tall pillar.

Pillar Panels



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