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Quality Stone Faux Stone Calculator

Wall size:
(Measure length and height of wall(s) )

ERROR: The total wall size is smaller then the excluded area

Area to exclude:
(e.g. window / doors/ fireplace insert)
Total Linear Measurment of Outside Corners
Measure the outside corners of your project
Stone Finish Caulking
Recommend 1 caulking for every 100 sq. ft.
Paint kit
Recommend 1 paint kit for every 500 sq. ft.


0 Faux Panels

0 Left Corners

0 Right Corners

1 Stone Finish

1 Paint Kit
Ledge Trim:
Total length below windows, or top row.
0 Ledge Trims
Edge Trim:
Total length above/beside windows, or end of row.
0 Edge Trims
Electrical Trims:
Total # of light switches or plugs.
1 Electrical Trims
Fixture Trims:
Total # of wall lights / sconces.
1 Fixture Trims
Starter Strip:
Total length of the bottom (starter row)
0 Starter Strips


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