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WHY Why barnWOOD agedELM Caulking

barnWOOD agedELM Caulking

barn wood wall planks are DIY friendy wood walls.
barn wood wall specs
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    Extremely lightweight (1 lb/ft2)

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    Cast from real, reclaimed barn wood

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    High-strength, high-density polyurethane

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    Panels vary in thickness giving a dimensional look

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    Simply nail or glue


barnWOOD agedELM Caulking

  • 'Stone Finish' acrylic-latex textured colored caulking 
  • Covers any necessary screw holes or exposed poly.
  • 10.3 oz. tube easy to apply tube.
  • Easy to use.  No fuss, no mess!

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barn wood wall installs easliy.


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Product Information


Barn Wood Wall Panel Dimensions


What is Hourwall barnWOOD?
barnWOOD panels allow you to create the look and character of real, aged wood within minutes. Each panel has been cast from a real wood plank collected from an old barn. barnWOOD panels have captured every detail of aged wood including knots, cracks, and raised wood grains. This gives each barnWOOD panel a realistic look.

Panels are fastened to the wall using screws and or nails, and no reinforcement of the wall is required. For a true rustic look, you can use nails that are rusted, or longer nails that can be hammered in and then bent. Installation of barnWOOD is fast and easy. barnWOOD is available in 4 different colors and there is even a random blend option that allows you to purchase a combination of different colored panels.


High-Density Polyurethane


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